SOSORT president, Michele Romano and Brad Gage at SEAS training

At Scoliosis.Solutions, we create individual exercise and rehab programs to match the person and the condition being treated.  

In the picture on the right, Dr. Gage paused for a casual picture with Michele Romano, the Past-President of SOSORT, at a SEAS training course in the USA.

Scoliosis.Solutions utilizes a number of evidence-based approaches to give the best possible results, including:

   SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) exercises,   SEAS exercises teach the patient how to perform "Active Self Correction" and maintain this improved, more balanced posture throughout the day.   Active Self Correction is integrated into everyday activities for curve reduction, stabilization, and improved balance and cosmetics.

scoliosis exercises

   Power Schroth.  The Schroth Best Practice system was designed to be an evolution of the original Schroth Method invented by Katharina Schroth.  The Schroth Method is a proven treatment that is used world-wide as a treatment for scoliosis and other spinal deformities. 

   ScoliRoll orthotic devices.  The ScoliRoll orthotic is effective at improving the function and mobility of a scoliosis.  The patented peak of the ScoliRoll devices can de-rotate and straighten a scoliosis by creating a specific bending point, allowing muscles and ligaments to stretch.  Specific spinal stabilization exercises are performed while laying on the ScoliRoll when the curvature is in a straightened position, which helps to strengthen and stabilize the spine in the corrected position. 

   CBP Mirror Image Exercises.  A proven technique for postural and curvature-specific rehabilitation.